Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Analytics Tool Launches for Pinterest

Let's face it. We all like to measure how successful we are on social media. There is a reason why services like Klout and Kred are doing so well.

You spend a great deal of time building up your community and creating content, so it is only natural that you will want to see how well you are doing occasionally. If you are a brand marketer, you probably need analytics to justify using a particular social network as part of your digital strategy.

Social analytic tools are popping up daily, and with Pinterest continuing to grow rapidly, developers are starting to pay more attention to it and build tools to measure it.

Pinalytics is the latest way to measure Pinterest success. The new social tool acts as both a Pinterest search tool and pin/board/user success measurement tool.

Using Pinalytics is fairly simple. You can search for a pin/board/user in the Google-like start page and then view the stats for your results. A cool feature of Pinalytics is that it measures pin success on other social networks. You can see how many times a pin has been tweeted, liked, shared, etc.

To search for your own content or profile, just type your Pinterest user name in the search bar and select either pin, board or people.

Pinalytics is still in beta, but you can perform searches without being signed up. Go ahead and try it out!

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