Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How Much Money Do Pinterest Users Make?

As marketers, we are all obsessed with data and measurement, as we should be. A great deal of the data we need to stay current with is social demographic data. Knowing the make up of the user base for each network is critical in crafting a smart and informed campaign strategy.

Here is an interesting infographic from web analytics company Compete that explores the income breakdown of the user bases of six top social network, including Pinterest. Much of this is probably in line with what you thought the breakdown was for each. Google+ skewing wealthy is a bit of a surprise. 

What I do find interesting is how balanced Pinterest is. Pinterest seems to really cut right across all earning levels and have a very even distribution. Regardless of a person's income level, they can still have fun finding stuff that they either want to try or wish they could try and sharing it all with the community.

pinterest income infographic

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