Monday, January 28, 2013

How To: Use Pinterest for Home Decor Inspiration

Pinterest is a great place to store, share and find visual content that inspires us in a number of  different areas of our life. For many Pinterest users, home decor is a favorite topic of one or more of their pin boards. The sheer number of home decor pins is amazing and just about every design style imaginable is covered on the network.

So how do you get started using Pinterest for home decor inspiration? The setup is very simple and lucky for you, the home decor pros at The Picket Fence give us this great infographic that goes through the process step by step and then gives us some pinning ideas.

Let's see some of your home decor inspiration. Leave a comment below with a brief description of your style and a link to one of your home decor boards.

I'll start. I enjoy unique architecture/features and anything with exposed beams and a cabin feel to it. Here is my Awesome Spaces board.

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