Should Your Hair Dye Go Lighter As You Get Older?

Hair color is one of the most fun and it is exciting ways to experiment with a new look. You are doing in way harm your hair’s health.


It has to be said that shades of blonde, platinum, and silver are the most popular, though. Blonde hides a multitude of sins, whereas gray and silver shades are on-trend right now.

Once you spot a 19-year-old stepping out with silver locks, you know it’s time to embrace your own silver strands.

There is some hair color or hairstyles for women over 60 the following

Silver Fox

Silver is the best hair color for women over 60. Many women spend time and money fighting the appearance of gray hair, but here’s the thing gray and silver tresses are all the rage right now. Stop dying your roots and embrace your status as a silver fox.

Pretty Platinum

If you do want to keep fighting an influx of gray hairs, bleach that ish. Seriously, talk to your hairstylist about going platinum. It is looking like white or light gray hair and your roots won’t matter. Any grays will just add a silvery cast to your pale coif.

A Little Ashy

Similarly, ash blonde is one of the most popular hair colors for women over 60 and changing hair color with age. Because it is tends to blend with gray. Again, any silver interlopers just add to the depth and dimension of the ash.

Bright Red

This hair dye goes lighter as you get older and who almost single-handedly destroyed the stereotype that women of a certain age can’t or at least should not step out with bright, bold hair. If you want to experiment with a vivid shade of red, go for it.

Blonde Highlights

Really, blonde is one of the best hair colors for women over 60. It is hiding so many flaws, although we certainly don’t consider gray hair a flaw. The good news is that you don’t have to subject yourself to a blonde bleach job. Highlights are a simpler but still stylish alternative.