Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pinterest Purchases Flesky Keyboard App Maker

flesky pinterest
Pinterest has announced the purchase of Flesky, a company that makes smart keyboard mobile apps. The deal was announced on Flesky's blog yesterday. Details of the acquisition are not yet known, but Flesky assures its users that their app will remain in the app stores for the "foreseeable future."

For those of you not aware of it, the Flesky keyboard app offers a touchscreen keyboard for mobile devices that is designed to be "smarter" or more intuitive than the device's stock keyboard.

It is unclear how, or if, the Fleksy technology will be integrated into Pinterest. It has been speculated that this was more of an aqui-hire (buy for talent) than an acquire (buy for product).

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pinterest Adds Remarketing to Advertising Platform

Pinterest has announced a pretty significant expansion of their advertising platform that will help them compete with other social networks in their ability to let businesses target specific users through remarketing.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pinterest Changes "Pin It" Button to "Save"

Pinterest made a pretty significant change to one of the most visible aspects of their platform. Going forward, the button formerly known as "Pin It" will just say "Save." 

You know the Pin It button. It is the button you use to add an image to your selected pin board. It can be found on Pinterest or on many websites across the internet that have installed the social feature.

In their blog post, Pinterest explains the change is directly related to their global expansion and the more universal understanding of "save" versus "pin." They predict this change will lead to more content being shared on their platform.

According to Steven Walling, Pinterest Product Manager, "Having more people around the world saving ideas to Pinterest is great for everyone, because it means a wider and richer selection of Pins to explore—more authentic Japanese recipes, more French street styles, more Scandinavian parenting hacks."

What do you think about the change? Semantics or Significant?

Pinterest Looks to Let Users Pin Offline Items

Word came out this week about an interesting Pinterest marketing program in Brazil that allows shoppers to save offline, in-store goods to their online pin boards.

pin offline

The project was developed by Brazilian agency DM9DDB and is taking place at Tok & Stok retail stores. Using a Tok & Stok app called PinList, shoppers can interact with Bluetooth-enabled physical in-store pins which seamlessly transfer the item to their Pinterest Boards when pressed.

"This is a great opportunity for Tok & Stok that combines the customer experience in our stores with Pinterest, a platform designed to inspire people," commented Flavia Lucena , Head of Communications & Marketing at Tok & Stok.

While not an official Pinterest feature, the project has gained the attention of the social network. Mariana Sensini , Managing Partner of Pinterest, was quoted in the kickoff announcement stating: "Pinterest has become a source of inspiration in the decoration sector with 10 million ideas in Brazil every month. The incredible innovation Tok & Stok of was to combine the discovery process to the backup that you have found, "

Here is a look at how this program works:

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pinterest Launches Product Price Tracking

Pinterest announced today that they've launched a new feature for their buyable pin program (IE: products you can buy directly from a pin) that enables product price tracking. Now, users can get notified in real time via in-app notifications and emails when a buyable pin they've pinned drops in price.

Pinterest Losing Key Member of Marketing Team

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Pinterest's head of brand, David Rubin, will be leaving at the end of the year. Rubin came to Pinterest in July 2014 from Unilever and had been challenged with, among other tasks, making the Pinterest platform more appealing to men.

Although Rubin's next gig isn't clear at this time, the Journal does cite a coast-to-coast commute as a factor in the departure.

Best of luck David wherever your professional journey takes you next!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Using Pinterest to Predict 2016 Trends

In this time of year-in-reviews and predictions for the new year, Pinterest has joined in on the fun with their Pinterest 100, which is a collection of 100 hand-picked trending pins from their most popular categories including food, fitness, home, tech and beauty.

This collection is yet another reminder that Pinterest is more than just a photo-sharing platform and that it is a source of a great deal of valuable data.

There are some interesting selections in this mix. You can view the entire pin collection by clicking on the board below: