Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Social Media Day! How Many People Use Social Media? (Graphic)

social media day 2013
Today is Social Media Day 2013 and I couldn't be happier to celebrate it. After all, if it weren't for social media, this site wouldn't exist and my job would be a far less interesting one. 

I thought it might be interesting to remind everyone just how many people it takes to make this social revolution possible. Below is a little graphic I threw together a little while back to display the amazing user counts of over 200 social networks (including Pinterest, of course), tools and apps.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jabra Creates Contest to Find the Most Pinteresting Mom

Bluetooth headset-maker Jabra is running a pretty interesting Pinterest campaign this Mother's Day. Their "My Pinteresting Mom" campaign is a contest that encourages pinners to share their favorite images that represent their mom.

All you have to do to enter is create a board titled "My Pinteresting Mom" and then pin away. Board content is up to the pinner, but the company offers the following suggestions:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How Do Most People Use Pinterest?

Pinterest has certainly had a busy year. The visual bookmarking social network has quickly become one of the most active and fastest growing sites around. Their 25 million users are very active and engaged on the network.

So what do we know about this rapidly expanding user base? Marketing app maker Wishpond has crunched the numbers and created this handy infographic that details who these users are and what they do on the network.

I was a bit surprised about the stat that 80% of all pins are repins. I knew the number would be high, but never imagined 80%. Can you believe that only 20% of Pinterest pins are originals? That just shows how important it is to pin creative, original content if you are using Pinterest for sales and content marketing.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How Much Money Do Pinterest Users Make?

As marketers, we are all obsessed with data and measurement, as we should be. A great deal of the data we need to stay current with is social demographic data. Knowing the make up of the user base for each network is critical in crafting a smart and informed campaign strategy.

Here is an interesting infographic from web analytics company Compete that explores the income breakdown of the user bases of six top social network, including Pinterest. Much of this is probably in line with what you thought the breakdown was for each. Google+ skewing wealthy is a bit of a surprise. 

What I do find interesting is how balanced Pinterest is. Pinterest seems to really cut right across all earning levels and have a very even distribution. Regardless of a person's income level, they can still have fun finding stuff that they either want to try or wish they could try and sharing it all with the community.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinterest Announces Site Redesign

Pinterest announced a site redesign late today on their blog. While they didn't share a great deal of information about the changes, they did point out that major changes to site navigation and the way pins display were part of the overhaul.

It appears that pins will expand much more than they do now when they are selected. In the redesign, pins will be larger and will have a sidebar that displays other pins from the same boards, as well as, other pins form the same source. This change should encourage more repins and additional traffic to sites with popular pieces of content.

How To: Use Pinterest for Home Decor Inspiration

Pinterest is a great place to store, share and find visual content that inspires us in a number of  different areas of our life. For many Pinterest users, home decor is a favorite topic of one or more of their pin boards. The sheer number of home decor pins is amazing and just about every design style imaginable is covered on the network.

So how do you get started using Pinterest for home decor inspiration? The setup is very simple and lucky for you, the home decor pros at The Picket Fence give us this great infographic that goes through the process step by step and then gives us some pinning ideas.

Let's see some of your home decor inspiration. Leave a comment below with a brief description of your style and a link to one of your home decor boards.

I'll start. I enjoy unique architecture/features and anything with exposed beams and a cabin feel to it. Here is my Awesome Spaces board.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WordPress Adds Pinterest Site Verification Support

wordpress logo
A few months ago, Pinterest added a site verification feature that is a must for all businesses using the network.

With brand squatting going on and no real search mechanism to find official brand pages, adding your company's site url to your business page and then verifying it on your site is the closest thing we have to Pinterest user authentication so far.

Well WordPress, the uber-popular CMS system that powers 74 million of the world's websites and blogs has made it even easier to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest.

WordPress announced today that they have added Pinterest site verification support to their "available tools" section of their blog admin. All it takes is copy/pasting a line of code into the admin. Here are the simple instructions on how to do so.
pinterest site verification
It should be noted that this seems to only be an option currently for users. I run three (self-hosted) sites and the "website verification services" feature does not appear in the "available tools" section for any of them. I verified my site by downloading a file and placing it on the site (here are the instructions for doing this).