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What happens if you cut your hair with regular scissors?

Haircutting experts argue that using dull tools to cut hair can damage the ends of your hair. One of the analogies I’ve seen is the comparison of haircloth. When you cut the cloth with a dull pair of scissors, the edges of the cloth often fry, split and are usually scary.

Typical scissors are dull, or at least slower than shears. As a result, it is very difficult to cut a straight line through use regular scissors for a haircut.

I can actually attest that this is true. When cutting hair kitchen scissors to cut even a small amount of hair, I really need to cut, cut, cut, and go through the lock of the hair, if I am trying to cut a thick rope. I tried the same amount of hair with scissors and saw them cut through butter-like hair.

Yes, dull scissors definitely make it harder to get a nice clean look (but I don’t care because I have really curly hair and I’m wearing a ponytail because I’m a mom, and who has time for that)

But the sum of experts’ objections is that dull scissors create dull and uneven haircuts that need to be cleaned faster than usual, and the split ends.

regular scissors

How do I know if the scissors are sharp enough?

You can test your scissors or scissors for sharpness enough to cut the hair by taking a piece of yarn and doubling it. Open the scissors and, with gentle pressure, run a double thread on one of the blades (without closing the scissors). The yarn should be cut easily. Then test the other blade. If the knives are able to cut the yarn twice without using too much pressure on the yarn, you can cut the hair with them.

However, if you find that when cutting your hair regular scissors, you open and close the scissors to get a smaller amount of hair.

Does it really matter? Scissors or special hair cutting shears?

Honestly, from both personal experience and my research, if you use a pair of sharp scissors (of any kind) that are sharp enough, you all look good, regardless of what purpose they were made or sold.

The recommendation is to get a pair of scissors for hair care and then use them to cut the hair and anything else to keep it sharp. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a pair for $ 5 or $ 500, they are easy to use on your hand and as long as they are sharp.

Hair scissors vs regular scissors

If you are professional in haircut, definitely the choice is a professional tool like salon scissors not regular. Using professional scissors is more comfortable in cutting with better shear.