What is a direct dye? Semi-permanent material? Demi-Permanent?

When it comes to colorization, you hear a lot of words being used to refer to hair color, but what do they mean?

Direct dye

Another term you can hear is “direct dye hair color”. The saying is that the dye does not use the developer and works by putting color on the hair. Does it look familiar? This is probably because it is a semi-permanent color. Temporary color also fits this definition, but you don’t usually hear the words together.

direct dyePermanent

The most common hair color terms for hair color is “permanent”. Most hair color is doing with permanent hair color. Most of your natural shades are permanent hair color.

Here is a summary of the permanent color: Permanent color uses a developer (usually 10, 20, or 30 batches) to change the color of your hair. This color, as the name suggests, is permanent. It does not wash.

Some people may find that their hair does not contain permanent red hair color molecules. It is usually caused by hair loss, but it can also be a natural porosity problem. Permanent hair color should be called “hair color”, not “hair dye”. I’m not sure when this became the standard term, but a lot of salon experts are very upset about this, so it’s good to use the right word.


semi-permanent color

One of the words you hear most when referring to crazy colors is “semi-permanent”. It is different from permanent and direct dye hair coloring.

Here is a summary of the semi-permanent color: “These dyes only penetrate into the hair shaft. For this reason, repeated washes of color, usually 4–5 shampoos, or last a few weeks.

The semi-permanent has no developer, peroxide or ammonia, or very little, so they are safe for damaged or brittle hair. “Basically, they stain the surface of the hair, are undamaged, and fade away by washing. Semi-permanent colors can be referred to as “hair dye” because it will do the right thing for your hair. “Hair color” is appropriate for semi-perm colors.


Temporary hair dye is designed to wash any hair color in one wash (sometimes it takes too much). This means your hair socks, Halloween hair color spray and more.

Antioxidants vs. Non-Antioxidants

The antioxidant dye is the hair color, which uses an antioxidant agent (usually a hydrogen peroxide developer). The term applies to permanent and demi-permanent hair color. Non-antioxidant dye deposits only. The term refers to semi-permanent and temporary dyes.