What is a High Lift Hair Color?

High lift hair color is a permanent dye that when combined with twin areas the 40-volume developer will lift some of the pigment in your hair. It also glows when you add color.

It provides an alternative for people who refuse to use bleach on their hair. While bleach can harm your hair, it is important to note that when used properly, wonders can also occur. Even still, high-lift hair color offers a viable option to lighten your locks. Consider your choices and decide which method of hair lighter will work for you.

For people unfamiliar with the process of bleaching and dyeing, there is no need to really “dye” your hair blonde from dark color. To get light from darkness, you need to remove the color – that is, you have to bleach your hair or remove the existing color. High Lift Hair Color Creation helps to lighten hair without the use of bleach. It only works in certain situations, and I’ll get to it further down!

high volume hair color

Who can use it?

Here I begin to remove readers. If you don’t already have dark blonde / light brown, virgin (dyed) hair, high lifting hair color may not work for you. Women with dark hair and dyed hair may have to resort to a color stripper, or use bleach the old way … you can read about it here!

Only those with dark blonde hair can achieve platinum blonde with the use of a high lift. If you are dark-haired with white dreams, bleach is your best bet.

How does it work?

high lift hair colorUsing some chemicals, this type of hair color can lift the pigment from your hair, while also dyeing. This is due to the high levels of ammonia and the color pigment present in the formula.

It is recommended to mix high volume hair color with double the rate of 40 volume developer. The developer in conjunction with ammonia allows you to open your hair and lift the color. You can deposit an extra amount of color pigment to make your color look great!

The advantage of using something like this in comparison to bleach is that it leaves less irritation to your scalp and less damage to your hair. However, it also attains fewer hair lifting than you would get with blanch.