What is a digital perm?

Digital perms give you the option to turn straight hair into beautiful, wavy locks. If you’re dying to get some more waves in your life on a daily basis, digital permits are definitely the way to go.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind before you fall and sign up for this special kind of perm.

Continue reading to get an insight into everything you need to know about getting a digital perm so you can shake off your lust locks today!

Digital perms use heat treatment and restoration

The first thing to keep in mind about digital perms process is what they actually mean.

Perms are, in general, a type of hair treatment that you can get to achieve permanent curls or waves in your beautiful locks. They usually undergo heat treatment in order to turn the hair into a permanent curl.

Digital perms include heat and chemotherapy to transform the chemical makeup of your hair. Basically, your stylist treats your hair with chemicals that replenish every strand. Then, he/she will use hot rods to curl parts of his hair.

Then, your stylist will use more chemicals to lock the shape. As a result of wavy hair, you don’t have to worry for a year or more.

digital perm

Digital perm vs normal perm

Digital perming differs from another type of normal permanent treatment called cold wave perms.

Cold wave perms basically do not use heat to achieve permanent curls and waves. They include the use of chemicals to lock structures around plastic curlers or rods. These are not nearly time-intensive and can cause tight curls.

If the idea of ​​heat and hair restoration disappoints you, do not worry. You can choose a salon that uses high-quality chemicals and certified heat treatment to give you the best look.

Before you plan to make sure your digital perm is right for you, you will want to get a consultation first.

Digital Perm is an investment

If you are thinking about getting a perm, keep in mind that this is an investment on several levels. Digital perms take several hours to complete because your stylist will focus on each strand of hair.

They are more expensive than cold wave perms because they include time, chemicals and heat treatment. Generally, perms are priced at the initial values ​​and they can increase the cost based on the thickness and length of your hair.

At Balance Hair and Nail Salon, we offer point perms starting at a reasonable $ 40.

When booking your perm, make sure you set aside an entire morning or afternoon to do it.